JenniferK - 3/20/2021 10:34 PM
Hi Kimberly! Welcome to scuba and it is the MOST awesome experience!! I am excited by your enthusiasm!! I lost my scuba buddy to parenting 😆 and have been dying to find a good dive buddy. I actually posted looking for a dive buddy for the Blackbeard liveaboard that I have been dying to do. Since I posted, I actually am taking my niece on a vacation during their school break so I’m not available as I hoped to be. However, I am still wanting to do the dive trip, maybe during the summer so , you being a teacher (both my parents were! Go educators!), it could work out great. I have logged about 150 dives and am very comfortable diving and love it beyond words. However, I SUCK (and I hate that word but it sometimes is highly descriptive) at navigating. However, with the liveaboard and diving with many other people, it could work out great for us. Let’s keep in touch and I look forward to chatting with you and hopefully diving in the near future!!