LatitudeAdjustment - 11/09/2020 8:49 AM
Nice try, but that moochdocking in Homosassa is my sons driveway and the HOA has it’s limits :)

I’ve seen RV’s wandering thru KW looking for two parking spots together to park. When the Spree was sailing out of KW (Stock Island) at least they had a parking lot big enough for an RV Their captain has a class A

Harvest Host is a yearly membership, I think it’s still $49 and you get access to one night boondocking at museums, farm markets, wineries, farms and there is even a shops driveway in KW that your 24’ would fit in. For an additional fee you get golf courses. Unfortunately in FL the HH locations don’t seem to be near any of the diving :(

If you are doing BHB there is plenty of RV space west of the boat trailer parking