RickNau - 10/11/2019 4:52 PM
Yeah long drive. Accuweather is giving about a 50% chance of showers. So we moved here a little over a year ago. I had to retire early due to a disability, but I can dive with no problems; I am 52. I have only been certified for a few years an have about 22 dives. When I moved here I bought an old boat so I could go out and dive whenever I wanted without having to pay $100 every dive to a local operator. Unfortunately it has been very hard trying to find local dive buddy’s. I also do not have a fishing license and will not be able to get one until later this month. Honestly I have never done much fishing anyway. So as you can tell I am a newbie in pretty much all this stuff.
That being said if you need a buddy to come along I can observe and maybe learn something new. Not sure what else I can offer you.