JoeWR - 7/24/2019 2:44 PM
In general, I don’t like the idea of buying used dive gear. You never know how well the previous owner cared for it. That said, a dive computer for a new diver really only has to do the basics that every computer does: show depth, time, no decompression limit, and surface interval. Warnings about too fast ascents are also helpful. All of them record your dive data. You can find basic models from most manufacturers that will do that and more for about $150-$300 new. A used dive computer in good working order might be an option, but make sure you get the manual. See if the previous owner will wipe the memory.

I’d never take a chance on a used regulator. A lightly used BCD at a good price might be OK, but take a look at it first. See if there’s wear and tear, make sure the inflate/deflate hose is in good shape, verify it has the weight pockets and they fit securely, etc.

Whenever you’re buying gear, think about the kind of diving you want to do and how often you think you’ll do it. For example, are you going to be a warm-water diver on vacations once or twice a year? Then just buy a mask, fins, 3mm wetsuit, and a computer. You can rent the rest at your destination (reputable shops that abide by agency standards keep the gear in good order). If you plan to dive frequently in the north, then buy your gear gradually. The investment will be worth it in the long run.

One other thing to keep in mind is that you will need to get your gear periodically serviced or repaired. Make sure a dive shop close to you deals in the brand you choose and can service it. You don’t necessarily have to buy from them (thought that’s nice), but they generally can’t help you if they’re not a dealer or an approved technician because they may not have access to the parts or specs.

And hey, if you want to do more diving and need a buddy, feel free to contact me!

Hope this helps,
Joe G.