CharlesGraves - 2/15/2019 3:28 AM
Hey, good question! It really depends on how often you dive, but my recommendation on the gear to bring (if diving is an important long term thing for you) is this stuff:

Most important =

-mask, fins, boots, snorkel if you use one (good to bring it just in case)
-regulator and hoses
-dive bag
-dive computer/watch
-wetsuit or maybe drysuit depending on temp

Still important but less Important to bring is gadgets like =

-DPV (if you’re feeling lazy)

Personally me and my wife bring all of this stuff with me and my wife when we go diving, her equip and my equip both. We usually just have to pack one extra box. It’s worth the cost to bring your own gear. The DPV we pack in the box along with our other stuff and duct tape it

But if you’re just getting started I recommend just bringing the top group of the basics and don’t worry too much about the rest