Scott_R - 9/18/2018 10:06 AM
I haven’t read the reviews either but I use Subsurface and recommend it to everyone. I don’t understand why someone would give it a bad review unless it is from competing software.
I use Subsurface on my Android and it stays on the boat in GPS location mode while I dive. After the dive, I use bluetooth to transfer my dives from my computer to the phone and then save to the cloud storage. It will automatically tag all the dives with the GPS location of the boat based on the time in the dive log. I then save to cloud storage. If I want to look at dives or edit from my computer I just open cloud storage.
Saving everything in the free cloud storage means I can access my dives wherever I want, either on my phone or home computer.
It is free software and much more than you would expect for the price. I have uploaded hundreds of dives in the last couple years without a problem. I also type in some rather long narratives on some of my dives, include students names and photos, etc. Works great.