MrAnthony - 5/01/2018 8:45 AM
You’re probably right unless it’s a small boat. Fiberglass boats go up in just a few seconds. The gelcoat burns. A little B1 that most people carry is just their to satisfy the USCG requirements and put out cigarette butts. :)

I don’t teach this, but I suspect basically most any fire on a smaller boat is gonna be engine or fuel line or gas tank or any combo, so screw trying to fight it, get off the boat.

I know one guy who insisted on using using ethanol fuel. It hardened his fuel line and the fuel line cracked, spraying gasoline on the manifold. He basically had a gasoline fueled engine fire. His reason for trying to stay and fight it was, "Dude this is a $50,000 boat!" and my thinking is on that is, "yeah, but it’s just a boat."

Let it burn and live to dive another day.