xracr96 - 3/21/2018 10:47 PM
Eek. I might whimper at 60f... I am in the next town south of St Augustine. Most sites in central fl are 2 to 3.5hrs. There are some charters in JAX, but I prefer to go south. Better vis and closer to the blue Caribbean water.

Check out:
Blue Heron Bridge in West palm
Deep obsession charter west palm
Pompano Dive Center
Notable wrecks Ana Cecelia, Lady Luck, Danny, and a few others down there too
Also spiegal grove in the Keys
Shark dives too

Fresh water dives: (all 72f water temp)
Paradise spring
Blue Spring State Park
Alexander (small sand bowl)
Ginnie Springs
Devils Den
Blue Grotta Dive Resort (pricey but managed very well)
Royal Springs
Troy Springs

There are plenty more, but this should get you started. Let’s go dive. I can show ya around a bit. Let me know once you have dates in mind.