FtMyersTom - 12/19/2017 11:29 AM
I also bought the hammerhead 1mil long sleeve rash guard w/hood to use during summer diving and Aqua Lung HotShot travel fins. Fins are 20inch and just over 3lb. I used the new stuff for 2 weeks in GC last summer and loved it. Sure is great to not sweat to death getting geared up in the summer sun in the tropics. If I’m down in the keys wreck diving I still use my old stuff but I drive there.

I find it interesting TSA wouldn’t have a problem carrying on lead. I assume the "valve off" rule is to show pony bottle is empty? I have 12lb of the shot type weight but I don’t take it on flights, even check in. I figure since I pay for tanks and weights I’ll use theirs.

Since my carry on is packed very fool TSA is not satisfied with xray and I have to open it for inspection.