FtMyersTom - 11/28/2017 3:17 PM
I am interested and since I’m retired Wednesdays are good and I like the cost. It’s about 3hr drive for me also so 10am works. I would be interested in any of those dives since they are not over 100ft but partial to wrecks so would prefer the Triangle. I wish I would get back my 180nx but I have a Veo 3.0 wrist that does nitrox but I don’t have the DC cable to download my dives and it’s $100 to buy the one for Veo 3.

Can you go Wednesday Dec 13? I would go the 6th but I have a lumbar injection for arthritis the 5th and I shouldn’t risk diving the next day or I would go then.

Let shoot for the 13th if you can go then. Shoot me you phone number and I will call this weekend and talk about it. I have a 3 mil which I have used below 80deg but much lower and I would get cold. I have a 1mil 1 piece rash guard top I could add to help.