FtMyersTom - 9/16/2017 12:37 PM
At 1 time I was interested in the training simply to improve my skills and be a more "self reliant" diver.
But with my age and arthritis problems it’s just not worth the time and cost involved. Since I never have a dive buddy on hand I always have to buddy up with strangers. It is good and bad. The good is I always adapt to each diver I dive with and if they have better skills than me it actually improves my skills. The bad is if they are less experienced I tend to pay more attention to them and not get as much out of my dive and work on my skills. The thought briefly crossed my mind that I could jump off a boat without a buddy but as part of a group of divers on a charter. I learned that unless a dive master was leading that group I would not be allowed to jump in without a dive buddy on every charter I have been on but 1. That was the M V Spree live a board in the keys. If you had the cert you could do as you please. Most places I have traveled to in the Caribbean requires you to have a buddy to get tanks to shore dive. Could I lie, probably, but I just didn’t want the hassle and risk a dive shop knowing I lied and not let me have tanks.

So as I said in the beginning, it is good training to improve your skills but that’s where it ends. If I was younger when I took up diving I would be hungry for knowledge and ability like everything else I have done in my life. But now time and wear and tear has limited my ability and I’m satisfied to accomplish what I have in only a few years diving.