FtMyersTom - 8/03/2017 1:02 PM
Yes the east end is very quiet but you need to keep in mind that the ENE winds are common as are 5ft seas that can go along with it. For this old diver with my bad lumbar rough seas are out. I think part of the draw to the island is the western side seas are calm a lot of the time. If you have bad luck and a blow is out of the ENE for the week there isn’t much else to do and it’s over 1hr round trip to George Town and 7 mile beach.

The days cruise ships are in varies and if you plan your travels around the times they disembark and embark you can avoid a lot of traffic. This is also true for work rush hour times. Seems strange an island this small has high traffic that coincides with work time rush hours but it does. The times for both are about the same. For the most part it’s bad downtown, once about half way past 7 mile beach north it’s good. We planned trips to west bay area on days more than 1 cruise ship was in.

Here is link to Grand Cayman Port Authority with cruise ship schedule