Anonymous - 6/06/2017 11:03 AM
I use my IPAD with dive program Divelog 6.0. The dives are downloaded directly from my computer Oceanic Veo 180 NX to my laptop when I get home then synced to IPAD. The program is very good but not free and you have to buy the cable for PC. But I fly a lot and carrying a heavy log book is no longer cost effective since I try to only check in 1 suitcase and carry on my dive equipment. I take a few paper log sheets to fill out and put in my hard copy log book when I get home. I don’t get signatures but I like dive shop stamps. I haven’t come across a dive shop yet that wanted my hard copy as apposed to my IPAD log. Some dive shops here in the keys want to see your log for deep wreck dives. The IPAD dives are downloaded directly from my computer and fills in data the computer gathers plus dive profile.

I use 2 log programs in case 1 fails and you can use both offline once data is entered. There is a free diveboard app for IPAD or you can use the web based link. I exported my divinglog 6.0 log with DAN DL7
file and it uploaded automatically to the diveboard log. You can upload your c-cards to both but I do take those to be safe and keep them in my passport case. You can use a laptop for both but IPAD is smallest and it looks like airlines may ban laptops. My wife has her own IPAD so I have it all on both.