tkenter - 5/21/2017 4:04 PM
My sister, her two teen-aged boys, my 15 year old twins and I are signed up for the June 24-30 trip on the Morning Star. My twins are not able to get certified as divers due to health issues, so the 6 of us would rather just spend time in the Bahamas and not go on the dive trip. I am currently the only certified diver of the 6 of us. The Morning Star trip sounds amazing, but I think we need to try another time when my twins are older/bigger/stronger (they were 2 pound micropreemies and still prone to respiratory issues). If you would like to go on this sold-out trip, please contact Blackbeards at 800.327.9600 and make your arrangements through Blackbeards. The cost is $995 per person for all you can eat/drink including beer, wine and rum, 6 nights on board and up to 19 dives. Please also let me know so I can contact them for a refund. Thanks in advance!