FtMyersTom - 5/19/2017 1:10 PM
Maybe search north around Sarasota, Bradenton and St Pete’s. An old post below mentions Depth Perception Dive Center in Tampa. I just checked there page and they do go to Mohawk and Blue Gotto. I’m booked up until August but that is best month for Goliath Grouper and the month that video was made on our dive. When I went on the El Gavilan his shop was in Port Charlotte and boat was docked in Placida. There hasn’t been a 6 pack charter down here for a long time that I’m aware of. I do know some fishin charters that I could go and pester at the dock but I would need a group of 6 to make it cost effective and money in hand. I paid $175 but that was for AL100’s and 32% nitrox. I spent almost 2 hrs on the wreck at mid 80’s depth and still had gas left when I reached no deco limit. The normal cost is around $150. If you could get 30% ya could spend a couple hrs since my log showed max depth 86ft and I went to the sand.

We do a lot of get a ways in Florida so we would go up there but not until August. My wife goes back to work that month but not sure of the date. No matter I would go myself if need be. If you work something out keep me in the loop. I’m retired and free to roam the high seas... scubatom@gmx.com