NCjones - 5/04/2017 6:31 PM
You reading the right chart???

High tide at Bogue was 12:13am and 12:45pm. Low tide was 6:48am and 6:42pm.

But you get the idea. When the high tide comes in (rises), it’ll reach a point where the water is as high as it’s gonna get. Then for the next 45~55 minutes, the water will come to a stand-still as it changes direction and flows back out to the sea. That time when it’s standing still changing direction is "slack high tide". It’ll do the same thing at low tide, the water will flow out until the tide reaches it’s lowest level, then it’ll stand still for awhile while the water changes direction and starts flowing back in (rising). That’s called "slack low tide".

We only dive slack high tide at Radio Island and the Morehead City high-rise bridge because the incoming (rising) tide brings in clear water from the sea. At slack low tide, all the water flows out from the Newport Marshes and Newport River and it’s full of vegetation particles and silt and debris. So even though there’s no unpleasant current at slack low tide, the vis sucks major.