Dewayne - 4/26/2017 1:47 PM
My name is Dewayne. I just recently got my open water cert, but I can’t wait to gain experience as well as see new dive sites. I’m of course located in land locked Nashville, TN but looking to explore quarry and other near by sites. I’m the only one in my home that certified for now and need to find locals who are actively diving. I’m still in the process of buying my gear. I’ve got my own BCD, computer, fins, and other basics. I only have a 3mm wet suit for now that I bought for my gulf diving but looking to upgrade as I get more into the local scene. Please feel free to add me to you list when looking to dive nearby. I live in west Nashville and can easily drive 3 to 4+ hours to dive. Good luck and happy diving...931-334-6913/dewayne_york@yahoo.com