UnderwaterMartini - 4/13/2017 9:43 AM
Taverse City Bay MI. Love the shallow wrecks. Cozumel, Key Largo, Key West (but only if I’m camping, I’m not paying for houses/hotels in Key West anymore). I think I’ve been to just about every state campground in MI when I was a kid. Never thought I’d be returning there to dive.

Deep Sea Supply BP/W, LCD30, SS long plate, SS weight plates, Hollis F1’s, 2-HP100’S, 2-HP120’S.

Have to get a new dry suit, I sold mine. Likely just getting the $700 USIA shell when DRIS has their next thanksgiving sale.

As soon as I get used to the dry suit again, I’m switching to doubles. Manifolding the HP100’s, but just running the 120’s isolated. Likely getting a DSS Torus49 wing.

Some of the divers I’ve spoken to, won’t run an octo in cold water. Every 2nd stage reg has it’s own primary. So they run doubles, or put the octo on a AL30-40 pony tank (slung). But they all go way deeper than me. I’m still too new for the deep stuff.