NCjones - 4/06/2017 12:57 AM
All irrelevant IMO.

I’ve dived with some "seasoned" divers that have 500 dives and were dumb as dirt. Larry runs out of air on every dive and has to swim around bumming air from all the other divers on the hang line at the safety stop so he can surface properly. He finally pissed off all the regulars so now no one will buddy with him. Now he knows to target the new guys and the tourists. They don’t know Larry is a smuck and putting both of thems lives in danger. But he’s got hundreds of dives.

Then I’ve dived with some instabuddies that got certified last month and this was their 4th dive but they paid attention to detail and had some common sense.

I wouldn’t rate any diver on how easily he could memorize test questions. And because you’ve done it wrong for 500 dives and never drowned yet doesn’t make you a "proficient" diver. It makes you a lucky diver.