BenDavid - 2/07/2017 7:49 PM
From LatitudeAdjustment: I attached my rescue strobe to the bottom of my dive flag float so it was about 18" underwater so boats would see the float. Before I even got underwater a USCG RIV arrived and told me the strobe was only for emergencies, a marker light would be okay.

You ran across the typical puddle pirate who wanted to make sure you knew he had some "authority".

We had a crew pull up at the dive shop last year. There’s a Burger king restaurant about 100 yards from the dive shop. The boat pulls up, pulls into the first slip, ties off and they all begin to climb out. Now this was a little before low tide.

So I walked out and said, "Hey guys you might not want to tie your boat up there, you might want to move it..." I didn’t get to finish before some punk pimple face kid about 19 puffs his chest all out and screams, cutting me off mid-sentance, "This is an official Coast Guard Vessel. Federal law (yada yada yada) says that we have the jurisdiction to tie up to any dock, anytime we want to, for as long as we want to. You can go review the Coast Guard regulations if you think we can’t tie up to your dock!"

So I smiled and said, "Yes sir." and went back to the shop and waited.

About 45 minutes later the puddle pirates come back and there is their boat, sitting on the mud, about 5 feet from the water. They all stood there looking at their boat for a few minutes and I just couldn’t resist the urge to walk out to the dock. :)

The kid sees me and says, "Why the hell didn’t you tell us about this?" and I said, "I tried to. You wouldn’t shut your damned mouth long enough to listen. I wasn’t going to tell you that you couldn’t tie up to my dock, I was going to tell you to move down a few slips because the tide was going out. But you wanted to start quoting federal law and stuff. So here you are."

I guess they got on their radio and called someone because some senior NCO showed up and after looking it over started chewing the kids butt for about 10 minutes for " up his boat". When he got done I walked out on the dock and told him what happened. He gave me his card and contact info and told me to call if I had any more problems, then he went and chewed the kids butt some more for not listening to me.

Then they all sat there for 4 hours until the tide came back in. :)