BenDavid - 2/04/2017 8:38 AM
One other thing worth mentioning, in the fit department, if a suit is snug and a tad tight on you in the store, it will most likely be just right in the water. (neoprene as nitrogen bubbles in it so it compresses at depth). If it feels loose in the sore, it’ll most likely be "flabby" and too loose in the water.

Had a guy I was diving with last fall who had that problem. Suit was too flabby. Every time he gets out of the water his right leg would be about 1 foot in diameter and weight 60 pounds because he wore his knife on his leg and the water couldn’t drain out. The neoprene was too big and it his right leg held about 6 gallons of water. LOL He had to unsnap his knife everytime he got out to let the water drain out of his suit leg.