JenniferK - 1/12/2017 4:15 PM
I honestly haven’t considered cold waters since, what I refer to as, "my check out dives from hell". Now I can laugh. Back then, not so much. Where and when you may ask? Seneca Lake (NY Finger lake) in beginning of March!! What brain-trust came up with that plan, I couldn’t tell you. The Instructor actually had to break the ice for us to get in, with our 1990’s neoprene rental gear mind you, and we stepped into the iced waters of hell. Or polar opposite of hell, but you get the gist. With a constant ice cream headache, somehow I made it through and, since, have had my heart and dive bubbles firmly planted on tropical diving. But, I did do quite a few dives off Catalina Island (CA) which I really enjoyed, albeit in the summer. In California. : )
But, I am really itching to get a lot more diving in so I welcome your input, experiences, and suggestions. I am definitely looking for more wildlife though, not a fan of barren wreck diving. Thanks for your response!