Female dive buddy to plan an eat, sleep, dive trip for as cheap as possible
JenniferK - 1/11/2017 2:26 PM
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I’m new to this site and dying for a dive trip to dive, dive, and dive some more. Want to eat, sleep, and dive as much as possible for as cheap as possible. I live in NY so flights are what seem to be cost prohibitive for me with some of the postings I’ve looked at regarding buddy’s wanted. I have 150+ dives and only my OW cert at this point. As an honest self-assessment, my air consumption is good and boyancy control is excellent but my navigation skills need work. So, if anyone is interested in a trip like this, or have suggestions as to great but cheap dive trips, I welcome your input!
DiverfromBaskingRidge - 1/12/2017 3:37 PM
I am not a female but have you considered local diving?

"Cold" water diving is not as bad as it seems and you can certainly do day trips to save money. RI, Long Island, NJ and lots of fresh water lakes and ponds come to mind. I see you are from Rochester - St Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes have some great diving...

This is a cheap as it gets.... :-)
scubadmike - 1/14/2017 6:37 AM
I live in east coast of Florida .If your ever down I can direct you where to go & what charter is good . Winter month water temp is 77 to 79 .Summer 79 to 80 . Jupiter to Pompano is the best location .
Mermom - 1/14/2017 8:13 AM
Jennifer, I am located in central Florida. If you are ever in area contact me. I frequently dive the springs, water temp is 71 degrees year round. I do enjoy diving throughout, the keys are my favorite, I do have a bucket list for the east coast which includes diving of Jupiter with the giant groupers. Mike let me know if you are interested in joining in. Jennifer if you are interested in ocean, or gulf diving let me know.
Karen6605 - 1/14/2017 9:31 AM
I recently certified in Ohio in June and finished my AOL in Bonaire in November. Like you, I don’t care for cold water diving. I would be interested in diving on East Coast of Florida at end of February, beginning of March.
Karen6605 - 1/14/2017 9:32 AM
Sorry, auto corrected... Ow in June and Aow in November
kudalaut - 1/15/2017 7:09 AM
hello, i live in indonesia.. if you ever come dive here and need a buddy, send me an email.. the dive sites here are the best in the world
COLT45 - 1/15/2017 1:34 PM
Hello there,
I am going to Grenada in March. Already have the room, nice room too, at the Radisson Beach Resort. Check it out online, really nice. I plan on diving almost everyday there. You are welcome to join me if you like. Would just need to pay for your flight and diving.
I have about 350 dives, advanced diver, need a buddy. I am 57 years old and have another birthday when I am there, St. Patrick’s Day. Might have to take a day off after that day, lol. Let me know. Looks like you have had a few offers already.
Take care,
Nikkib - 1/27/2017 8:18 PM
they have a two for one special at Anthony’s Key Resort in Roatan,Honduras. It includes
7-Night Dive Package
Starting at $1,419 for Two

Includes Resort Package,

Includes: Hotel Accommodations for 7 nights, Full American meal plan (3 meals daily), Airport transfers, Return flight reconfirmation, Welcome Island Cocktail & Orientation, Admission to Roatan Museum, Kayaking, Stand-up Paddle, Day excursion to Maya Key, and Island Fiesta Night on the Key.

Plus: 3 Single tank boat dives per day, 2 Single tank boat night dives per week, Air tanks, weight belts, and weights, Buoyancy Control Workshop, and Shore diving during shop hours.
treemandiver - 2/02/2017 9:51 AM
The states to cancun, stay at santa maria hotel dive everyday $650!!
dianamaps - 4/02/2017 12:59 PM
Jennifer, would love to plan a trip with you sometime. Sounds like we’d be pretty compatible, diving-wise.

I too am based in central New York and always itching for a trip to warmer weather. Right now I’m planning a fall 2017 trip to the Red Sea (because I’ll already be in Europe for a few months around then), but in 2018 would be great to do something closer. Maybe back to the Caribbean. Would like to visit Bonaire.