MrManta - 3/27/2016 10:04 PM
Hi Ken,

When they got popular, I bought an air integrated computer....what a waste of money, I went through 4 of them and finally went back to a Sunnto viper, they were fine but only last about 2 years and no warranty repair...forget those. I now dive a Galileo LUNA..wrist model. I see far too many divers with their 10 lbs of gauges on a consol dragging them across the rocks, so I only use a good small pressure gauge on a hose short enough son my tank cannot land on it. My luna has worked flawlessly since the day I strapped it on, and with a built-in compass it makes diving new sea mounts much easier. Diving as we do, about 500 dives a year, we go through gear mostly wetsuits and gloves fast, but diving is our life, and being an independent dive guide for the Sea of Cortez helps add on the dives...hehehe

Since we dive from our 46 foot Trimaran, we get in lots of dives...as I said the Luna is a good choice, and well built, also easy on Batteries too !

Hope this helps a little, Terry