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Need New Dive Computer Advice
webbinator - 2/28/2016 11:28 AM
Category: Equipment
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I am in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, but will be leaving here in October 2016. The local dive shop, Ocean Enterprises gave me great deals on a new BCD and regulator (I cannot find a reg advertised anywhere for less than 150USD more than what they sold it to me for). This is a great place for deals. However, I am specifically looking for an air-integrated wrist computer. Additionally, for those of you concerned about safety, I refuse to dive an air-integrated computer without an air gauge as a backup. The question is two fold:

1. What is the best air-integrated computer for recreational diving? I have heard that Suunto is in the lead on these.
2. Where can I get the best deal on this? A dive show, etc.?

Sonnylynnvick75 - 3/01/2016 3:15 PM
I do not dive Air integrated but I do dive a Suunto Vyper and love it. I know they make a Suunto Vyper air which is air integrated and I’m pretty sure you can buy them used reasonably.
GreggS - 3/01/2016 6:31 PM
I have the Vyper Air and love it. It had an integrated compass which I find very convenient. It has a large readout so is easy to see and it is backlit as well. It would be best to shop around on the internet and your local dive shops for the best pricing. You may be able to catch it on sale like I did and got it half price. Mine also came with the data cable to download the divelog to my home wecimputer.
webbinator - 3/01/2016 6:38 PM

I have heard great things about Suunto. I think that the Vyper Air might be for me. I will commence looking. Since I already have a computer I am not desperate.

GreggS - 3/02/2016 4:21 PM

Just be careful. They are sold both as the computer only and also complete with the sending unit. Just make sure the deal you find includes everything you are expecting.
Norm4fun60 - 3/04/2016 11:54 AM
Liquivision LYNX is great but pricey
tstormdiver - 3/06/2016 9:14 AM
I have dove both Suunto & Oceanic air integrated computers (Vyper Air & VT4). The VT4 was by far more reliable. With the Vyper Air, I had to continuously reset the link. The Oceanic was much less so. Any air integrated computer an lose it’s signal. Our shop stopped handling Suunto because of the unreliability & problems getting Suunto to honor their warranties. The VT4 is no longer manufactured. It has been replaced by the Hollis TX1 (Oceanic & Hollis are owned by the same parent company). The Oceanic VTX has it (pricey) & the OLED screen is hard to read on a bright day. Any computer you get will have its ups & downs.
webbinator - 3/06/2016 12:26 PM
It sounds like I am adding too much to the equation. I may stick to a computer attached to a hose and get a wrist computer that is NOT air integrated.

Ken Webb
MrManta - 3/27/2016 10:04 PM
Hi Ken,

When they got popular, I bought an air integrated computer....what a waste of money, I went through 4 of them and finally went back to a Sunnto viper, they were fine but only last about 2 years and no warranty repair...forget those. I now dive a Galileo LUNA..wrist model. I see far too many divers with their 10 lbs of gauges on a consol dragging them across the rocks, so I only use a good small pressure gauge on a hose short enough son my tank cannot land on it. My luna has worked flawlessly since the day I strapped it on, and with a built-in compass it makes diving new sea mounts much easier. Diving as we do, about 500 dives a year, we go through gear mostly wetsuits and gloves fast, but diving is our life, and being an independent dive guide for the Sea of Cortez helps add on the dives...hehehe

Since we dive from our 46 foot Trimaran, we get in lots of I said the Luna is a good choice, and well built, also easy on Batteries too !

Hope this helps a little, Terry