Curtis - 10/09/2015 8:39 AM
From tstormdiver: That is why I put this in the Technical Diving area. Most Newbies are not immediately looking to dive technical.

Maybe listed as Technical Diving, but it comes up with all posts.

I personally would not have read it if I had to search Technical.

Newbies do go through a "stupid" phase. Have you not done things you now consider foolish? I admit I have, pursuit of that concept should go to a new thread.

From tstormdiver: Just because something does not suit you, does not mean it does not suit another. If you are good with OC diving & it suits your purposes, that’s good. If others want to dive different ways,.. that is good also. Please stop reading things into my posts that are not there.

Posting lacks voice inflections and visual clues as to connotations. I’ve been mis-interpreted myself on a few occasions. Sorry if I am misreading your position.

I am very aware of the importance of the proper usage of a very important and useful tool, I have been witness to highly successful rebreather usage. But firmly stand by the idea that they are often marketed for profit without reflection, right of ownership being a different issue.