LatitudeAdjustment - 7/17/2015 11:44 AM
Good news-bad news, It’s a good thing we didn’t carry in a ton of gear and I took out some litter.

The bad news, I’d read that it got soupy in there during the summer. Parking lot is a swamp, river is running too fast to paddle upstream, the bugs are out, the swamp and the river overflowed into the blue Hole which is now cedar water. For those of you not from the Pinelands that’s tea water brown, not dirty, just brown.

I used the sonar and the deepest I found was 9.9 feet but most of the deep part is 7 feet with the edges being 3 to 4 feet. Sorry but the myth is wrong, this is no bottomless pit, karst, cave or well :(

I borrowed my step-son-in-laws Fish Eye which is a drop cam on a fishing pole and checked out the bottom, it’s mud, didn’t see any tree limbs or fish which is probably why I didn’t see any fishing line either.

With the swamp water flowing into the Blue Hole I did show a surface temp of 72