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My OW recap
Blue Hole Memorial Day
Posted by Beach_Bunny
Blue Hole Memorial Day
Beach_Bunny - 6/05/2007 12:00 AM
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Blue Hole Memorial DayThanks to my sexy Palm 700 which you already know about…. You will get little updates today about Day 1 of the road trip.

Its 1:50am and I just woke Gary up and told him we need to get a head start on the road trip, we are meeting my friend James from Scuba Board….. Car is loaded. One bad of clothing, one toiletries bag, one regulator bad and a bag of all of my equipment, check!

Its 7am and I am texting James, " Do they have starbucks in Amarillo?", Thank god he replies yes!! I seriously think I scared him when I ordered the 5 shot of espresso Venti Cappuccino with 5 splenda! Back on the road!!

So we`re back on the road, Gary and I follow James for another 2 hours and finally get to Santa Rosa, now I warned Gary how small it was… but this place has a special place in my heart since it was my first cold water dive and I did my OW here J

We meet up with some other awesome guys James, Jason and Alan!!!!

We gear up and head out to the water. First let me start by thanking James for being so helpful today with all those little things, you rock! Even in PJ`s. While we are checking things out James points down and singles what looks like a little biting symbol and I am totally not understand what he is saying, I swear I thought he was signaling crawfish were down there. Nope, I am wrong. He pulls out a trusty slate and writes…. Piranha. No shit…. So I look down and don`t see it. We move on and I am thinking he is just messing with me.

We encounter the usual gangster sign throwing crawfish that represent the various levels of heirchy in the blue holes J

Gary and I come up and head back to start out surface interval soon to be joined by the other guys.

These guys are all super sweeties and I am so lucky to have gotten the chance to diver with this caliber of divers! They never laughed at any of my silly questions and trust me I have plenty of them!

Jason fires up a grill and starts making lunch and the dork in me pulls out a book on diving national parks. Every road trip can be a dive trip!! Did you know that one of the major concerns with diving Red Wood National Park is….. Great Whites Breeding Ground.

Now I am getting to try out some of my awesome new equipment including my henderson hyperstretch 7/5 which I can say I feel a total difference in water temp with it. The Zeagler Zena BC is fitting like a glove just have to tighten the waist a little tighter. I am loving the Atomic b2 reg I have as well.... my lifeline makes me smile. My aeries rx-2 computer is awesome, even if I look like a dork flipping through the manual while doing our log books today.

And yes the water is cold as normal.... the water temp at the blue hole does not change... Lunch was awesome and we are back in the water. Gary and I are off doing our own little thing checking some gangster crawfish who are trying to shake their little claws at us when I turn my head a little to the left and see I am not kidding you a good 6-8 in piranha. Okay so now the day just got really cool. I feel a slight tap as I am trying to follow this little ankle biter and see ANOTHER ONE! The blue hole is currently my favorite dive site in New Mexico ;)…. ;)

I am so happy I got to dive the blue hole again before the dredging starts tomorrow.

Oh and for random thought I can`t wait to do my dry suit cert!

Hanging out with all of you rocked!!


SpaceGeek - 3/07/2008 8:34 AM
I dove Blue Hole in January. The air temp was 50 the first day, 60 the second! I had a blast. I dove w/ Diver`s Reef from Colorado Springs. They seem like a good group of folks. So far, it`s the warmest water I`ve dove. I`m hoping for an NC trip later this month! See you on the bottom! Bri
PartyMartyScuba - 10/21/2007 5:58 PM
I just got a Palm 755 and I luv it too.... I`ll have to check out NM dive sites... TX like AZ are pretty much deserts...
DiverDave - 7/01/2007 12:00 AM
ok you went to blue hole but did you go to perch lake and see the plane