What STATE(s) have NO diving whatsoever?
DiveGirl55 - 4/18/2007 1:03 AM
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I was going to make a joke about diving in Idaho (or some offbeat place) but then I thought: but what if there was diving in Idaho, then that would NOT be funny! Where is there absolutely NO diving?
Greg - 4/18/2007 10:31 AM
I would bet that there is a diving spot just about everywhere. Just depends on your willingness to dive there. Maybe not all places are clear and nice. But I know some divers that would dive in a mud whole just for the chance to get under water and breath on their regs.
okmister1 - 4/18/2007 11:21 AM
It really does depend on where you`re willing to dive. After all, to dive, all you need is water deep enough to cover you and your tank right. After all, this site, lists HAZMAT diver. Want to dive under a land fill or in a sewer? _______________________________________________________ http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Lab/3518/DH-HazDive.htm ______________________________________________________ Can you think of a state with no sewers? How`s that for a new perspective on the subject.
Dorkfish - 4/19/2007 3:57 AM
I`ve not yet heard of any specific state disallowing diving entirely (tourism issues).

BUT, Missouri does not allow diving in any spring-fed branch of it`s rivers. Those spring-fed branches are protect ecosystems and may only be dove with special permits and for proveable educational purposes.

So I`ll clarify what a spring-fed branch truly is. According to statute the "spring-fed branch" is the branch that runs directly from any spring. It does not include any river or other water pathway to which that specific branch empties into. Make sense?

Water source lakes are also locations where diving is not allowed. We have one around Springfield that does not allow diving, but it allows fishing and the use of boats/pwc (must be the diver`s peeing thing??).
bushwacker4u - 4/30/2007 3:47 AM
the state of insanity, no matter what equiptment you have or what cert`s you may hold , sometimes you just can`t get in :-)
NWKatShark - 5/02/2007 6:16 PM
Ok. Apologize to the divers in Idaho now. You probably offended someone there just for joking about it. Here in Washington State, we also have abandoned missile silos, I thought that was pretty wild, though I haven`t been that bored. Like someone else said, if it`s water and you can sink over your head........
noeltime13 - 5/05/2007 5:34 PM
ScubaGal - 5/10/2007 5:50 PM
THere was actually a guy in my instructor class from Idaho who dove in lakes up there. I don`t know why but I guess that`s all they have up there.