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Dutch Springs 6/29 to 7/1. Buddies welcome.
IronRanger - 6/26/2018 7:43 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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Planning to camp at Dutch from Friday (6/29) to Sunday (7/1). Anyone looking for a divebuddy is welcome.
timdunl - 18 days 22 hours ago.
I’m off Friday and Saturday. If I can make it there , where will you be set up? I love to dive with new people and am more than a bit familiar with Dutch
IronRanger - 18 days 21 hours ago.
I camp on the peninsula side. With your back to the fill station, look across the parking lot, across the grass, my camp will be at the edge of the steep slope going down to the setup area. I generally use my campsite as my setup area. White pop-up, and large LLBean tent. I’m expecting a late start on Friday so I probably won’t arrive at Dutch until close to noon.

Cell 856-313-4965
AL-Diver - 18 days 18 hours ago.
I’ll likely head out to Dutch Springs on Sunday at least if not Saturday and Sunday (depending on work schedule). I’ll look for ya.

I drive a maroon ford F-150 with WA State plates, still new to the mid-Atlantic region, so if you se me say hello, and if I get there this weekend I’ll try to swing by and say hello.

IronRanger - 18 days 8 hours ago.
I’ll keep an eye out. If I’m not at my camp, hopefully I’m under water:)

JoeWR - 17 days 15 hours ago.
Hey guys,
I’ll be at Dutch on Friday with some guys around 10 AM. If anyone needs a buddy, come on over. I drive a white Ford Edge and will be on the peninsula.

Joe G.
IronRanger - 17 days 9 hours ago.
Thanks Joe,

I’ll be leaving before long so will see you later this morning.

Morganw215 - 10 days 7 hours ago.
Hi Wayne! Plan on diving this weekend at all?