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Depth of Practicing descending .....
MrDwhite - 4/23/2018 2:09 PM
Category: New Diver Q&A
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I completed my Open Water on April 13, 2018 in Maui. A week later, I did a two tank dive. The first was at forty feet and the second, about an hour later, was at sixty feet. And apparently, I am still not comfortable with letting all of my air out of my BCD .... security blanket phobia ? Anyways, about half way through the dive, I must have repositioned myself in a way that the pocket of air worked its way up, and before I knew what was happening, I started to ascend .... it was a very slow ascend, but in order to regain the depth that I had achieved, it would have required a lot of unnecessary work .... so I allowed myself to slowly ascend to the top. And yes, I was able to signal to the Dive Master that I was going up .... so, my question is, that I am going back out tomorrow, single tank dive, to practice descending and getting comfortable with depleating my BCD and not worrying about ‘being down there without any air in it’. How many times can I practice this if I keep the depth of this practice session at 20-30feet. Thank you for your kind advice.
Eric_R - 29 days 16 hours ago.
Hi Mr White,
It’s really hard to say how long when we don’t have your SAC rate. Being new and a little apprehensive about your abilities will increase air consumption. I think your doing the correct thing and staying shallow to get your buoyancy in check. Go down to 15’ and see if you can get your buoyancy stable to where when you take a breath you ascend slightly and when you exhale you descend slightly. This takes practice but when you can achieve it at 15 ft move to a deeper depth and practice there. You should relax and focus on good smooth breathing. Make sure you don’t hit your BC inflation button to long when making adjustments. Once you get a few dives in and become familiar with the equipment things will come easier. Make sure your buddy watches you so they can make recommendations on your trim if there’s an issue there.
Welcome to the forum and the great underwater world.
MrDwhite - 29 days 16 hours ago.
Thanks Eric. Regarding Boyancy, I am good with that. I think I just need to ‘let it go’ when it comes to descending while emptying the BCD ..... I can raise or lower myself otherwise quite well. Will see how it goes tomorrow... again, thanks for your comments. Guess I’m just looking for validation.
MrDwhite - 23 days 13 hours ago.
Gregg, thank you for your response. I will need to read this a few times in order to understand all of what you explained. You did a great job. In regards to what I perceived as ‘too much work to regain my depth’ it was what I left out that explains ... I realized that I was not as calm as I should have been, and that pushed me to consider coming up .... so it all worked out. I need to relax at being comfortable.... vs working on getting comfortable and relaxing .... thank you so much for your response .... I really appreciate it.