CharlesGraves - 6/22/2018 12:00 AM
My dude, ascending from a depth of 60 feet to the surface would bring a huge risk of getting DCS. You skipped a safety stop and probably ascended faster than 1 foot per second. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been horrible DCS. But still, quite possible you could get it.

If you didn’t get it, then it was most likely either luck, or because you weren’t at 60 feet depth for very long at all.

Your “comfort” in the water is of secondary importance to your actual safety and proper procedures. What happens if you feel very uncomfortable inside of a wreck? Will you panic, run into a sharp stick, take your reg out and drown? Or will you ACCEPT the discomfort, and calmly tell yourself “ok, I’m uncomfortable, but so what? I need to follow the protocol.”

What you should’ve done is immediately deflated your BCD completely by both your deflator valve and emergency dump valve with your other free hand, then once that was done, go headfirst and kick yourself back down to where you were.

Ideally, you want to have proper neutral buoyancy where you neither float nor sink. I used to be the opposite, I liked to sink slightly and kick up. I had to learn to use less weight, and in general maintain neutral buoyancy and only kick horizontally with proper trim.

It’ll take practice to get good, like any sport or hobby but ultimately you need to make sure you don’t ascend to the surface like that again. It’s bad news waiting to happen. And some people who had unknown heart conditions have actually unfortunately died doing exactly that.

Even when I’m doing a 35 foot dive, I ascend 1 foot every 2 seconds or less and do my 3 min safety stop. And I’m not averse to risk, I do cave diving, but you should never intentionally do something that could cause you problems. If you’re gonna go, have it be by an equipment malfunction or a shark or some sh^t lol. Don’t cause your own injury/death home boy