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Cylinder transmitters / computers
Vinny - 4/12/2018 5:26 PM
Category: Equipment
Replies: 6

Can a dive computer be used with any transmitter ?
Greg - 6 days 6 hours ago.
I doubt it. I’m sure the dive computer you use must have a matching transmitter from the same company.
Vinny - 6 days 5 hours ago.
Vinny - 3 days 1 hour ago.
Thanks Gregg , I think I will go with Air integrated .....
GreggS - 3 days ago.
You’re welcome. I currently have a Suunto Vyper Novo air integrated which I really like it. But if I ever have to replace it, I will probably take a look at one of the other brands that have the common transmitters. I will take a serious look at the Shearwater Perdix AI. Most divers that own it rave about t plus the computer uses user replaceable "AA" batteries.