Oxygen cleaning regulators
joe_bird - 12/25/2017 3:52 PM
Category: Equipment
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So the time for me to service my regulators is coming up again. I have seen and opted for oxygen cleaning services in the past and heard that if you dive Nitrox at all, even once since the last service, you should have your regs oxygen cleaned. I am skeptical of this as it pertains to recreational scuba diving and regulators, as it seems like a way for some dive shops to get a little more out of our wallets. I could see for technical gear used with higher oxygen contents for deco stops how this may be beneficial, but for recreational mixes, not so much. My question is, is oxygen cleaning my regulators a necessary part of servicing for recreational Nitrox divers?

For context, I may dive Nitrox on very few dives per year (4-6 maximum), typically only when on vacation, and never higher than 36%.

Merry Christmas and safe diving everyone!
joe_bird - 28 days 4 hours ago.
Awesome. Thanks for the help guys.
pmedic73 - 28 days 3 hours ago.
Just my 2 cents... I work at a dive shop that does gas blending. I will let you know that if your tank is not O2 cleaned, a dive shop won’t (or shouldn’t) fill it with any Nitrox blend. Your tank will need to have a Nitrox VIP and the sticker to match (should be colored different than a regular VIP). As for the regs, I would make sure that when you have them serviced, they use the proper lube on the seals (most do anyway). The new stuff on the market should be ok for mixes up to 40% as is. It’s always good to make sure though as this IS life-support equipment.