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Bouyancy Issues
David_A - 9/06/2017 6:35 PM
Category: Training
Replies: 9

I have about 30 dives under my belt. I have an AOW and 3 certifications.

I dive in a drysuit/aluminum tanks in cold water (Long Island Sound and Dutch Springs).

I am still having problems with Buoyancy (22 pounds). I am a little concerned that I have not been able to drop the weight. Some of the divers at Dutch Springs have dropped the weight from 30lbs down to 8-12 pounds.

Any suggestions or tips?
JohnDiver123 - 13 days 15 hours ago.
Keep diving. I have over 75 dives and still done have it down. Using a drysuit now which has really made it a mess. I think bouyancy is something that takes a lot of time to master. Are you using 22 lbs at Dutch or in open salt water?

Just keep diving. You will get it.
JohnDiver123 - 13 days 15 hours ago.
Just re read your post. 22lbs in a drysuit at Dutch isn’t bad. Would find it hard to believe anyone other than very experienced divers are diving 8-12 lbs in a drysuit. Wetsuit yes.
LatitudeAdjustment - 13 days 2 hours ago.
It took my daughter 30 dives to get comfortable and she wasn’t using a drysuit.

You’re also diving Dutch which can be limited viz and without visual reference points divers go up and down. I’ve even seen instructors with issues when they go to the Caribbean and realize how bad their bouyancy is and now everyone can see them :(

Once you get trim in Dutch you may do some other local dives in salt water and the process starts all over, shallow dives need more lead but how much? Every dive is a learning experience.
Resqdivemedic - 13 days 1 hour ago.
Just keep trying and tweeking until you get it. I was well over 50 dives before I got it down. The other thing to remember is to log each dive, especially weight and type/thickness of the suit. Once you get your buoyancy set your log will be the reminder if you forget.
Eric_R - 12 days 21 hours ago.
Keep diving and use a diverse profile. Following along a drop off helps visually with developing your bouyancy.
JohnDiver123 - 12 days 18 hours ago.
Where in the sound are you diving? I’m in the Bronx. Maybe we can do some dives.
David_A - 11 days 18 hours ago.
Hi John,

I go diving in Long Island with Danny Rivera of Good Life Divers. Look him up! He is a great instructor and let him know I sent you!
Agojo - 7 days 2 hours ago.
Until I started serious cardio swimming and did 200+ dives in a year did I get VERY comfortable and and drop most weight. Wetsuits and drysuits adds difficulty in getting perfectly weighted. I remember the day/dive I was in 81 degree salt water, dive skin, no weights, let all the air out of my BC, did a 100’ dive and never put air in my BC until back on the surface. I was using a 6lb backplate and wing. It’s about heart rate (lower heart rate, lower air consumption), comfort in the water, and dive skills knowledge and practice.
David_A - 6 days 14 hours ago.
Hi Jimmy,

Thank you! It seems the right answer is to go diving!