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When Do You Need To Practice Better Buoyancy Control?
mo - 7/11/2008 2:22 PM
Category: New Diver Q&A
Replies: 2


a. You rely on the silt trail you always stir up to find the shot line at the end of the dive.

b. You insist that you never wear fins because it makes it more difficult to walk on the bottom.

c. The only place you can hover is at the surface.

d. On ascents, your entire body clears the surface of the water.

e. You use 50 bar for breathing and 150 bar for your BC.

f. You are certain you went for one dive, but your computer has logged three.

g. You think being neutral in the water means that you don’t fight with your buddy.


Bighens - 7/11/2008 7:46 PM
mo - 7/12/2008 6:55 AM
Who has all the lead? this guy