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This is still in the development faze but it might be useful.
RichKeller - 1/07/2015 3:31 PM
Category: Equipment
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This is still in the development faze but it might be useful.
Btrax - 1/07/2015 3:56 PM
Seems like it would be handy for shallow water diving. Doesn’t look like it will take up much space either.
Greg - 1/07/2015 7:42 PM
So does it have a CO2 cartridge or is it connected to your tank? I guess if you don’t know how to use your alternate to inflate, then this would work. I just use my own exhale to inflate a safety tube.
tstormdiver - 1/08/2015 3:43 AM
I usually just use my regulator exhaust bubbles to inflate my SMB (Using a typical Dive Rite cavern reel). If I am diving CCR, I have an extra inflator on my bailout bottle regulator. Takes a little more skill but doable.
Eric_R - 1/09/2015 1:19 PM
Seems to slow for being specifically designed for a task we already accomplish pretty easily.
John_giu - 1/09/2015 8:45 PM
Holy Bat Belt overload Batman!!!!!! POW!!
MDW - 1/24/2015 11:56 AM
Wow, a giant reel the size of a 1200’ exploration reel with it’s own air tank used exclusively to put about half a lung’s worth of air into a sausage over the course of what appears to be about 30 seconds inflation time to deploy that sausage from you 15’ stop. So this thing takes up about 10 times the space of the 25’ finger spool you really need to deploy the sausage and you want to lug that around through the whole dive so you can use it in the last 3 minutes to save you from having to blow into the sausage with your mouth? Seems like a giant waste of money, space, drag, and time.