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DES Quest II 2007. Did anyone get the certification and did you enjoy it?
PegLeg - 1/09/2008 4:14 PM
Category: Training
Replies: 4

I completed my DES Quest II just before the Dec 31, 2007 deadline. Feels great to have another cert under my belt and the knowledge to use those skills if I ever need too. Next on my list is Dive Master, which I did start near the end of last year.
jfhuard - 1/09/2008 8:21 PM
Got the cert at the end of last December. I took the DAN DEMP and Neuro a few weeks before taking my Rescue and I felt that I was much better prepared for the rescue class.
PegLeg - 1/10/2008 1:45 AM
I completed my Advanced DAN O2, F.A. for Hazadous marine life, plus AED for scuba. It was a great course. I had a lot of fun doing it.
ghostdiver - 1/11/2008 8:39 PM
Yeah, The staff and a couple of our more hard core divers got our DES training late last year too. Darn good course. The only draw back was that it was like drinking from a fire-hose! A lot of information in a very short period of time. I was really glad to see that it came with DM style cards! The instructor(s) Kevin and Danny (aka KevinD & Kemperite) where (are) first rate guys and made the whole thing interesting and worthwhile
FuzzieDives - 2/21/2008 9:34 PM
My buddy and I just finished it. We were late for des II, instructor said we`ll get desIII credit. lots of good info, and skills. Hope never to use them, but glad I got them.