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Winners List
harleydiver - 1/01/2008 2:09 PM
Category: General
Replies: 15

Greg, how about posting the winners list for this years drawings. I know I would like to congratulate them.
DiveRex - 1/01/2008 2:35 PM
Thats a very polite way of saying: "I want to know if I won!!!" LOL
harleydiver - 1/01/2008 4:39 PM
RAWalker - 1/01/2008 5:17 PM
I`d think that you`d know if you won by Greg needing to contact you for an address to send your new goodie to. But I wouldn`t mind knowing what was given away, who it was donated by and who were the lucky people myself.
harleydiver - 1/01/2008 6:09 PM
You mean I didn`t win ????? Dang and I was planning an entire trip on my new found fortune,,,, hehehehehe
NWKatShark - 1/01/2008 6:50 PM
Gee, Greg`s not sharing anything. Think he hoarded it all and skipped town for a dive vacation?
NWKatShark - 1/01/2008 7:02 PM
Yeah, he took off. He`s abandoned his website! Half the people on my Buddy List have "Birthday January 1st" by their names. I didn`t notice it until I mailed congrats to about 5 people. Then I got to thinking, "crap, what are the odds....". Duh.
NWKatShark - 1/01/2008 9:25 PM
Ok. Just found out I won everything! *Best Profile *Best looking *Funniest Photos *Most humerous *Most Dives *Best Gear *Coolest Toys *Most Female Dive Buddies Oh.....wait....those were my Christmas Wish List Items. Nevermind, carry-on!
Dorkfish - 1/02/2008 9:16 AM
Guess what....

We`re all winners with!
NWKatShark - 1/02/2008 10:54 AM
Still diggin` for brownie points, huh?
anemone - 1/02/2008 7:42 PM
I wondered why everybody on my list was born on Jan 1st.......hmmmmm...
harleydiver - 1/03/2008 4:34 AM
I sent out 20 happy birthdays before I realized there has to be somthing wrong. I got 7 returns asking me why I was wishing them a happy birthday.... Me thinks there was a computer clich....
NWKatShark - 1/04/2008 7:35 PM
That, or it`s just one of those pesky little cosmic things.
anemone - 1/05/2008 2:45 PM
I think there`s a flea collar for that....
Greg - 1/08/2008 12:22 PM
If they didn`t put in their birthdate, by default their birthdate is set to 1/1/2099. I will change things so this doesn`t happen again next year :)
NWKatShark - 1/11/2008 7:59 PM
No Greg, leave it! Let`s see who didn`t pick up on this conversation. Kinda like the tower guy in "Airplane". "No, don`t turn on the runway lights, they`ll be EXPECTING that!".