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Reduce Lionfish Population
JoePagano - 6/03/2011 11:49 PM
Category: Survey
Replies: 48

In light of the continued warnings on the threat from Lionfish, should we, the diving community, commit to a policy of catching and/or killing as many as we can on every dive possible?
ReefBuilder - 8/18/2015 5:25 AM
[Choose #1] I support the ECRA llionfish population control proposal that rewards divers with 10 fish tags for every 100 lionfish removed from the water. To see the proposal and to sign a letter of support go to:
Inky - 8/26/2011 8:24 PM
[Choose #1] Dinner anyone? Great eating!
allstarwa - 6/15/2011 5:34 AM
[Choose #2] Maybe we should introduce a fly, no bird, no cat, no dog..... Eventually natural selection will work, but I won’t live that long.
tshark - 6/13/2011 7:42 PM
[Choose #3] I have already killed close to 40
DreadPirateRobert - 6/09/2011 11:12 AM
[Choose #1] When they are found in areas that are not their native environment.
Zoltrac - 6/05/2011 12:20 PM
[Choose #1] I try and point them out to those that have a spear
SaintsReturn - 6/04/2011 4:13 PM
[Choose #1] Although i am normally against messing with wildlife, This species is not native and must be removed
LatitudeAdjustment - 6/04/2011 7:06 AM
[Choose #1] They taste great & I’v got the cookbook, bring me more :)
lars - 6/04/2011 6:20 AM
[Choose #3] As long as care of the environment is considered. Ie. Not stabbing a pole into the reef
RAWalker - 6/04/2011 2:59 AM
[Choose #1] Learn how to safely kill them when you find them outside their natural habitat