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Responding to a new Divebuddy request
MouthBreather - 8/30/2008 2:10 PM
Category: Survey
Replies: 50

This is probably more pertinent to the female divers on Divebuddy, but at what point would you begin to correspond with another Divebuddy member?
DiveGirl55 - 9/05/2008 7:50 PM
[Choose #2] Interesetd in learning more about,maybe diving with, NOT dating!
Magdalena - 9/03/2008 12:13 AM
[Choose #2] But, when I reached my buddy limit I will start to kick people out if they not communicate with me.
AirOn - 9/02/2008 5:48 PM
[Choose #2] Normally I’ll only add potential dive buddies.
CallesCafe - 9/02/2008 2:35 PM
[Choose #3] I try to keep ’em in the same age range, or same side of the world, for a better chance to meet.
anemone - 8/31/2008 6:29 PM
[Choose #2] Add to that that I find everyone interesting. I have no problem "talking" to people via email.
MonkeyDiver - 8/30/2008 9:42 PM
[Choose #2] Thye more the merrier.
divemaiden - 8/30/2008 5:47 PM
[Choose #2] I’ll respond, but only add if they tell me why they want to be my dive buddy