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Lion Fish
DolphinDancer - 4/13/2011 9:58 PM
Category: Health & Safety
Replies: 3

I read many answer to the lion fish survey. I would like to see more education put out there, because of the answers. Hello left alone they will eat everything else. Now all you bleeding hearts of the lion fish just think of diving in a ocean of nothing but lion fish.,because that is what would happen. If you do not think this is so contact REEF.COM and get educated.
SaintsReturn - 4/14/2011 8:19 AM
was feeling the exact same way...
LatitudeAdjustment - 4/14/2011 2:43 PM

 Atlantic Lionfish is best seen on a plate, be sure to ask for them whenever you visit the fish market. We need to create a demand for them!

 Tell your Asian friends they are better than Viagra and should be served at weddings instead of shark fin soup :)
DolphinDancer - 4/14/2011 3:59 PM
That’s funny I was saying the exact same thing to some people on the boat. LOL caught another one today. The Bahamas are being over run now with them. But it is hard to think Bahaheins can not out eat them faster than they multiply lolol