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Blackbeard Cruises
Skipster - 12/26/2009 6:48 PM
Category: Travel
Replies: 3

Has anyone been on one of their live-aboards? Would love to hear your comments.
sk290 - 12/26/2009 9:02 PM
Hi Skipper,

Blackbeard’s is cool if you’re looking for a cheap week of good diving. Sleeping quarters are rather small and you share a berth and a tiny bathroom with 3 other people. Think they still have a limit on showers to 30 minutes due to how they process fresh water. Food is okay but plentiful.

The ship I went on actually broke down on the way back and we were towed back which took all night. It was scary because we were at high seas and there were lots of big freighters around.

The diving was good though so worth the experience. I would never go back though. lol The Nekton hits the same spots and they have incredible discounts on their weekly trips, nice big boat with unlimited showers, good food, nice quarters with in cabin showers, sun deck, hot tub and a nice dive deck. Worth every dollar spent!

bonngpy - 12/28/2009 3:51 PM
went for a week, food plain but plentiful. quarters certainly not luxurious but crew very nice. Hated the small bathroom and limited showers. dives were great though
wombat - 4/09/2010 6:58 PM
How was the stability of the boat? Would I have any problems with seasickness? (I’m very sensitive to motion).