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hardcorediveteam memorial night dives
Event Date Sat, July 9, 2011
Event Location Malaga Cove or Haggarty’s, CA
Event Price natha
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One of our dive buddies was killed in a car accident on the 2nd of July, 2011. He was instrumental in the formation of HardcoreDiveTeam, both as a diver and supportive role he was always upbeat, like HCDT, no excuses, no complaints. In his early 20s he loved night dives, shore dives. Originally from Laguna or that’s where he got early experience. We went diving with him at Long Point (the point) in a raging current I’ve never seen there before and it resulted in a fish influx that was hard to believe on July 22nd 2010, and Haggarty’s at night (which he opted out) so we went in at Malaga to find the most lobsters, sharks I’ve ever seen, up to 200+ bugs on both dives. His name is Daniel Chavez he worked at SportChalet in Palmdale SCUBA dept and he’s filled over 500 tanks for hardcorediveteam in the last 2 years, just to give you an idea of the frequency of our visits with him. He loved night dives and had this expensive light that lasted one hour, after that he was in rays of his secondary. So we’re going out still with his energy that will illuminate our dives. Forever.


hcdiveteambrian - 7/08/2011 8:43 PM
Big changes for the night dives on July 9,2011. They are now gonna be July 9th 2011 at 8am. Look at Haggarty’s first. If the ground is dry it’s gonna be repel at Haggarty’s. If it’s wet or pretty damp, then Malaga. Again 8am. Swells are increasing throughout the day from 2.5ft 5am to 3+ft by 2pm from a southwest energy. And continuing to increase thru wednesday.