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Event Date Fri, April 22, 2011 - Sun, April 24, 2011
Event Location Williston, FL
Event Price Varies by divesite
Contact Information Michael Berg | More Info

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Calling all my diving friends far and near & non diving friends alike!

Come have a weekend of fun with us!!
For Felicia & Kristen’s BIRTHDAY we are having a DIVE/PICNIC on APRIL 22nd, 23rd & 24th.

...Everyone is welcome to join
Do you need to refresh your skills you are welcome to join :-)
After that dive we are eating and diving for fun :-)
would love to dive for fun with all my friends!

Please call Michael @ 727-278-6540 for details but here is a little bit just to get you started...

1st possible site: 40 Fathom Grotto
$55 per person and bring plenty of water and a snack or lunch
(note: this will be the only time you will dive there for this price normal cost is $70)

2nd Site: Devil’s Den
$35 per person and bring food to share & drinks for yourself :-)
This is a good site for those who like to hang out with good people
and if you like to snorkel it is neat and refreshing! There is a lot of nature around making it a good place for cameras and binoculars. There is a place where you can pay to ride horses. Camping is allowed at a cost with bathrooms, showers and even a pool.

3rd possible site: Devil’s Den @ NIGHT
$40 per person YOU WILL NEED: PRIMARY light & BACKUP light! you will not be allowed in the water without them!! THEM means 2!! If you need lights please call me for them. I can be sure to bring extras to sell and let you know the price pre the trip

4th possible site: Blue Grotto
(MUST be DEEP & preferably NITROX)
$40 per person and bring plenty of water and a snack or lunch

You don’t have a buddy? Don’t worry we will have plenty of people to match you with someone :-) Remember to be a good buddy! Remember to use good dive ediquette! Remember not every diver is at the same level, you may know more and want to share information. They may know more and I can assure you that you want to see what you can learn from them. Your way is not neccessarily the wrong way there just may be an easier way, safer way or both to do something that you do not yet know of. Take advantage of the time you spend with more experienced divers to learn and use the time with less experienced divers to teach, help or hone their skills. Remember they are diving in the same places and you want them left the way they were found


If you know a diver or two I forgot to mention this please invite them and give ’em Michaels phone number (727-278-6540) as we need a head count to save space for us :-) Knowing what dish you plan to bring would be nice so if someone asks what people are bringing I can tell them. We will have paper towels, plastic ware and anything else we think of. Be sure to bring plenty of snacks and drinks to stay hydrated as the store is not just around the corner.

More detail dive itinerary will be posted as the dates near and we know who is diving where. We can always dive a few other places too. There are other sires that are close. We will be exploring new sites :-)