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Dive trip to Hawaii (Big Island)
Event Date Fri, March 7, 2008 - Sun, March 23, 2008
Event Location Hawaii (Big Island)

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Went to the big Island. My cousin was living there so we had a place to stay.

After a great deep sea fishing trip in his boat (we caught 7 mahi mahi). We decided to check out some lobster areas to do a night dive that evening. He got a local diver to come along and buddy with me. We picked a spot went in, by now I had an underwater digital camera and filmed the dive. We never saw any lobsters so we decided to try another night but I did get some beautiful film on fish and coral.

He lives on the Hilo side of the Island, we snorkled some of the hot pots in the area and I got some neat fish pictures. Then we headed off for a 2-day stay in Kono. I dove near the Captain Cook Monument and did a night dive with Manta Rays (filmed the Manta Ray Dive). What an experience.

We did a lot of deep sea fihing there. On one trip we took a local out with us that free dives and spears fish. We got out in the Ocean at daybreak and he hangs into the largest catch of the day a 70 lb. yellow fin Tuna after a long fight we land it and catch around 15 0r 20 more tuna. When it slows up he slips over the side of the boat and spears a tuna as large or larger than the 70 lb. one. He had about 150 feet of line on the spear with a large float. He surfaced we tried to get close enough to grab the float, he gets a large breath grabs the line, because the fish heads straight for the bottom, we can’t get to the float in time, it pullshim under, he lets go at about 75 feet and watches the float keep going down. He surfaces and stays in the area for about 15 min. never sees the float, so returns to the boat. We circle the area for about 2 hrs. widening our pattern towards the end and never see the float.

He lost about $300 dollars worth of equiptment that day. He has always dove in shallow waters and never speared anything that large before. Where we were at was about 2 miles down, my cousin said. The free diver said next time he’s going to bring a lot larger float!