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Travelling to Big Island (Hawaii) next week need buddy for shore dives
psjanssen - 7/18/2007 1:25 PM
Category: Travel
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Hey everyone, the new wife and I will be travelling to Big Island (Hawaii) next week (7/23-7/29/07). We want to do some shore diving but would like to have someone local show us or tell us where the cool shore dive spots are. We`re both experienced shore divers, we just don`t know where the good spots are. Please contact us if you have any suggestions. Thanks
Angelique - 8/01/2007 10:13 AM
Where did you end up going? I am going to be there in 2 weeks....
psjanssen - 8/01/2007 11:02 AM
Well we checked out a couple of suggested sites, "City of Refuge" or as some locals call it "Two Step". We also checked out another place called "Cresent Beach" over by the boat harbor outside of Kona. We wound up doing all our shore diving at "City of Refuge" because of the water conditions. My wife isn`t one to like to deal with much of a hike to go diving, and the hike if you can call it that at "Two Step" was about maybe 50 feet tops from the parking area, and the water conditions were flat for all 4 dives we did there. The Reefs were very plentiful, lots of fish, and something for everyone there. We were told if you get there really early 7 or 8am you might be able to actually se dolphins out there "sleeping". But we didn`t see any. Of all the shore diving sites I`ve done Two Step has the easiest walk to, easiest entry/exit. Depths go from 10 ft at the entry point all the way down to 120 ft on the "shelf" about 20 yards from the entry.
psjanssen - 8/01/2007 11:09 AM
We found very detailed directions at Do be aware even if you bring your own gear as we did rental tanks/weights one place (Big Island Divers) charged us $59 for 4 tanks (including one nitrox tank), and weights for two people. We found it more convient to go to Kona Boys Scuba shop in Captain Cook to get our air. He charges $10/tank, not really cheap but it`s closer to City of Refuge meaning you`ll haul your tanks less distance saving you gas. You absolutely MUST do a manta night dive while you`re there. We went out with Neptune Charlies, and had an absolutely wonderful time. Nice big boat, reasonable price. We got 2 for 1 price but we had to sit through a 2 hour presentation/sales pitch for a timeshare operation. But at $90/person that`s still pretty reasonable without the discount. Hope all that info helps.