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Hawaii - Big Island
Saturn5 - 5/18/2009 1:32 PM
Category: Travel
Replies: 1

I’m wanting to head to Hawaii in late September this year. Never been on the big island so looking at putting in at Hilo and diving from there. I’ve heard that the eastern shore is all great shore entry diving, but as I said... I’ve never been there to know. Tentative plans are to stay in Hilo and drive to shore entry dive sites through the week. We might think about some boat excursions too if it doesn’t blow our budget to pieces.

Any locals or others who have dived there who have suggestions for places to dive and outfitters for air and other diving resources?

Thanks for the help. (Dates we’re looking at right now are Sep 20-29, 2009)
Saturn5 - 5/18/2009 2:14 PM

I’ve noticed that most of the dive sites listed on here tend to be on the kona side of the island... and found the marriott on the kona side.. so may stay there instead...

I’m totally open to ideas at the moment though.