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Big Blue Spring (Wacissa Spring Group) - Lamont FL

Spring pool is 150 x 150 and the visibility is generally over 70 ft., blue in color with a slight silt. The spring is accessible by kayak, canoe or small boat. There is a 15 x 15 ft. dive platform anchored in the run just north of the spring head, but, it has gone missing from time to time. The basin is a 270 degree conical sand bottom with a 30 ft. limestone ledge at the northwest, near the largest of the two spring runs. At the base of the limestone ledge at 42 ft. is the outflow. A small cavern is accessible for at least another 20 ft., however, I did not have my dive light and cannot give an exact dimension, but it was tight where I turned around and the outflow was hydrant like. Many albino crawfish in the cavern.
There are several other springs in the immediate area that are fun to explore. All in all, it is worth the effort to dive at least once.
From the county maintained park boat ramp travel south with the spring run .85 mile. On left (east) will be the run for Big Blue.


searly28 - 8/14/2015 4:12 AM
I only live about 10-12 miles from there. Finally dove it a couple of days ago. Very silty. Stuck my arm in the bottom up to my elbow. Mush. Good visibility, but is dark because of the location surrounded by trees. Large tree toppled in from the bank, which makes it interesting, too. Bottomed at 45’. Went to dive it last year and it was clogged with growth. Appears they cleaned it out, which they do, along with the river, now and then. Haven’t been in the small cave, but be aware, a diver drowned in there fairly recently, after getting stuck. Quite an effort expended by the rescuers in getting him out. All-in-all, a fun little dive, if you are in the area.

The county traded property elsewhere, and obtained the head waters. Have done a lot of work there. Built a boat dock. Plans for a boardwalk around the swimming hole. They hauled in sand and built a beach, did other landscaping. Also cleaned the silt out of the swimming hole. Supposed to be a three phased improvement project.
Aquabot - 12/07/2014 2:46 PM
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Spring is approx 40 foot deep. Signs of a collapse are present, with many trees for debris and large slabs laying on the outer edges. This spring is very silty. I would recommend anyone going to dive here, have their buoyancy under control.

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