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Beach 8th Street - Far Rockaway/Queens NY

Beach 8th Street is a shore accessible salt water dive site, located at Beach 8th street, Far Rockaway/Queens, NY 11691. This dive site has an average rating of 3.00 out of 5 from 13 scuba divers. The maximum depth is 51-60ft/16-18m. The average visibility is 11-15ft/3-5m. Training platforms are available.

A small dive site with beach access. There is a dive rope to decend to about 30 feet, and there are a few dive cages there. Horeshoe crabs, non-stinging jellyfish and the occasional tropical fish can be seen.

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FrankH - 10/19/2018 10:30 AM
Beach 8th St was my regular dive spot around 1960-63, when I first started scuba diving. Glad to see it’s still active! Caught some lobsters & blackfish (free diving, of course), floated to the bridge and back, and had an incredibly cold first-dive-of-spring there! Have been diving ever since.
seadp2001 - 7/12/2018 12:15 PM
Normally the people fishing respect the divers and we as divers try to stay away from there lines. The west jettie is deep and no one can fish there because it’s underwater. Buddies are a must no matter where you dive. A bunch of us are going Saturday 7/14. HT 9:26 am. North is Out !
JohnDiver123 - 7/12/2018 1:33 PM
Would love to join but I don’t think I can make it Saturday.
JohnDiver123 - 7/12/2018 9:44 PM
I may try to make it. Is this typically a one tank dive for you?
PaulHruby - 7/10/2018 10:03 PM
I went scuba diving here on 7/8/2018.
Great time. Definitely have to go with a dive buddy and watch the change in tide. Heavily fished area. Also active spearfishing. Go with someone familiar to the area.
JohnDiver123 - 7/11/2018 5:44 AM
Let me know if you go again. I’d like to check it out.
seadp2001 - 6/25/2018 8:22 AM
No one is there to set any rules. But it is a good thing to set a dive flag. There is a cage they use for training that we tie a flag to. A cable runs to it from just past the corner of the bulkhead. HT it’s between 16-20 ft down. Have fun
JohnDiver123 - 6/25/2018 9:43 AM
Thanks for the guidance. I hope to check it out soon!
seadp2001 - 6/24/2018 7:29 AM
Not much weekday diving. If you bring a buddy and find a legal spot you can dive there. Biz has been very good compared to the last few years. East and west jetties have different appeal. West jetty will take you 42 ft down during high slack tide. Search holes for lobsters. East jetty has tropicals near the middle to end of summer. Compass and light a must. North is out !
seadp2001 - 6/24/2018 7:29 AM
JohnDiver123 - 6/24/2018 7:45 AM
Thanks for the feedback. Is a dive flag required?
JohnDiver123 - 6/21/2018 10:59 AM
Anyone dive here during the week? I’d like to check it out.
RickHormigo - 11/15/2017 9:30 AM
Thinking in this weekend, I can’t find many options for this Saturday 11/18 around NYC. Anybody interested?
RickHormigo - 11/15/2017 9:27 AM
I was there in Aug 2016, decent visibility and lots of horseshoe crabs. Nice for training too.
todd999 - 8/15/2016 5:53 PM
I am interested in checking this out. How is parking? Is there any "beach" for spectators/family?
BryanHar - 8/26/2014 7:12 PM
I went scuba diving here on 8/16/2014. Average viz: 5-10ft/2-3m. Water temp: 56-60°F/13-16°C.
Star fish were amazing at almost 2’ arm to arm also saw loads of crabs which were large enough for a big meal including king crabs. Lots of mussels and fish. No lobster this time. Several small tropical fish that one diver was catching for aquarium.
RichKeller - 6/13/2014 10:32 AM
Change of plan, I will be going on Sunday instead.
RichKeller - 6/12/2014 12:44 PM
The high tide at East Rockaway inlet is 9:20AM this Saturday. What time should I expect to see slack tide at this site? How long will it last?
goodlifedivers - 5/23/2014 2:19 PM
Rating Added: 3
Decent training site. Try to avoid during the summer and while classes are going on.
SidneyK - 8/29/2013 8:52 AM
Hey All - cleared my schedule for this Labor Day weekend. I was trying to find a local dive boat, but some have sold off their boat and are no longer in business. Now I am looking into shore diving. I just want to get into the water to keep the skills fresh. Anyone here planning to dive this weekend? Since I am fairly new to SCUBA and this dive site, I could use a buddy to show me the ropes. Thanks. -Sidney
seadp2001 - 7/19/2013 9:15 AM
Dave I sent you my email address. Unfortunately I won’t be there this weekend. High tide 6:55 am. My kinda early morning dive
David_A - 7/18/2013 12:39 PM
Another dive buddy and I would like to dive this area. Anyone here can show us the ropes?
rodrigopenal - 7/17/2013 9:29 AM
Rating Added: 3
Not much visibility but a good place for novices to gain some experience. Parking is difficult.
seadp2001 - 6/17/2013 5:07 PM
Rating Added: 3
Dive here all summer long. Viz lately has been iffy but the lobsters are out and the black fish are getting bigger. Come and hour before slack to get parking ask for Don and I’ll give you the tour
wfd260 - 7/02/2010 7:56 PM

dive on weekdays and you will be by yourself.

Must dive at slack Tide, Strong current

millertime - 6/30/2010 3:42 PM
Parking can be difficult on weekends. Dive shops perform certifications here. Also, check for slack tides as the current can be swift.